Thursday, November 1, 2012

: "Choreography is about movement.
And movement is about transformation,
about change.
Small and giant
Visible and invisible
External and internal.
Choreography started as a platform for the visible movement,
for the visible change.
But choreography accompanied the research on the body, the discoveries of the body.
External and internal discoveries
at a macro and at a microlevel.
A body moves when it breathes.
A body moves when it reads.
A body moves when it thinks, when it decides, when it grows, when it sleeps.
A body has other bodies that move inside: neurons, cells, particles.
But if choreography is the study of movement, it cannot be only about the human body.
Choreography is also about the movement that sorrounds us,
the planets, the stars, the cities, the rocks, the winds
organic, inorganic
natural, synthetic,
alive or dead
everything moves,
and choreography is about movement."
- Patricia Portela

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